Horgans has been an industry leader in the supply of furniture and homewares since 1983. For over 30 years, Horgans has been a mainstay favourite in the interiors industry thanks to their ability to define styles while remaining porous to ideas and creativity.

The Horgans collection is the tangible result of their motto; Creative Living, With Style. It is through this strong belief that Horgans are able to constantly evolve, with each season reflecting the inspiration accumulated through their travels through Europe and beyond.

Finding the balance between European form and the Australian lifestyle has allowed Horgans to maintain their timeless feel; and a simple experience of either their Sydney or Melbourne showrooms is evidence that Horgans will be at the forefront of the furniture and homewares industry for many years to come.

Horgans makes a point of exhibiting yearly in both Sydney and Melbourne, spending time to ensure they are presented with elegance and taste to truly reflect their range.

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